Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Nick Mauss, Treatise on the Veil, Museum Ludwig, Köln, 2019

This accordion, with its perforated pages, reproduces a series of works that Mauss brought together in his installation as part of the Transcorporealities exhibition that took place the at Museum Ludwig, Cologne, between Sept., 1 2019 - Jan., 19, 2020.

In the statement that accompanies this accordion Mauss writes that he brought these disparate works together in order to create a "...momentary Zusammenhang of artworks that confound representations of the body, the utterance, and the event. Guided not so much by preference or affinity as by surprise, disagreement, and the slow elaboration of delayed consonances. I staged these paintings, sculptures, collages and photographs—and the strong charge between them—as protagonists in a new work."  This certainly explains the disparate imagery contained in this accordion, however, my sense is that it 'read' better when installed in a room where you could move around and appreciate the different dimensions of the works, and the varied ways in which they engaged with each other. Something is lost in its translation to the accordion format and it feels like a string of disconnected works without any strong formal or thematic connections.

14 double-sided pages with a floating page where the two printed sections are stapled together, individual pages 4.25" x 5.75", and when fully opened with a 2 page cover: 4' 11.5".

reverse side with credits for the works on the other side

back cover

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