Thursday, October 28, 2021

Jean-Charles Blais, Miracle, Editions Analogues, Arles, France, 2004

This accordion is the catalogue for Blais' one-person exhibition titled Miracle that featured works of his from the years 2000-2004, and was shown at the Musée Réattu in Arles, France from July 8 - October 10, 2004.

On one side of the catalogue the pages are comprised of completely black and white shapes that undulate across the pages, and appear to be selections from his video works. I rather liked this return to basics and the presence of large expanses of white pages was strangely attractive to me.

The reverse side goes into detail about his philosophy and features a variety of the works in the show. My apologies to French speakers as my translation skills are no match for the texts printed here, but it appears Blais works with installations in public spaces as well as working in video. 

32 double-sided pages, individual pages 11.75" x 7.75", and when fully open it measures 20' 8".

catalogue sleeve and catalogue

reverse side of catalogue with catalogue sleeve


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