Saturday, October 30, 2021

Alfonson Barrera, Mascaras, 2016/2021, Polvoh Press, Oaxaca, Mexico, ed. 500

While I would not define this artists' book as an accordion, there are some accordion-like features that appear when the series of folded pages found throughout this book are opened up. My definition of an accordion is a work that has two or more folds, and thus the various fold-outs in this publication meet that definition. Either way this book, printed on thick card, is a lively and engaging series of faces all decorated in a number of different 'mascaras.'

6.25" tall, and 5.25" wide, with 25 pages, 8 color silkscreen, with folded covers. For another book from this press check out Barrera's 'Random Spleen,' 2019.

last page with inside of folded back cover

back cover

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