Wednesday, April 28, 2021

John Dilnot, The Book of Flies (2016), & With the Worms (2012), Eastbourne, UK

The Book of Flies, 2016, ed. 250

These are two exceptionally beautiful screen printed accordions that take the natural world as their subject matter, indeed, Dilnot's many accordions all explore this theme in different ways. But what distinguishes these two accordions are their exquisite attention to detail, combined with a sharp technical finish, and of course the DayGlo colors don't hurt either.

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8 pages, single-sided, individual page 2.5" x 4", and when fully open 2ft 8"

With the Worms, 2012, 2nd ed. 300

back cover

8 pages, single-sided, individual page 6.25" x 4.75", and when fully 
open 3ft 2"

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