Sunday, January 17, 2021

Kris Ruhs, Untitled Theatre, Richard Green Gallery, New York, 1986, ed. 300

An accordion catalogue with hand-painted elements that echoes and mimics the form of an accordion that Ruhs published in connection with his installation at the Richard Green Gallery. 

After turning the gallery into a theatre for his Performing Characters, Ruhs describes the scene, "...there was a little stage where the audience could act out their own plays with members of the cast like the Accordion Player, the Saxophonist, the Performing Dog, the Tumbling Characters, the Magician and more. These wooden toys were joined at shoulders, waist and knees so that they could perform their intended act when manipulated." []

8 pages one-sided, individual pages 10" (t) x 7" (w), when fully open 4' 8".

back cover

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