Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fly Orr, 3 accordions, New York, circa 2016-2019

Fly and I met many moons ago deep in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin and since then we've kept in contact by mail, sending each other occasional updates. A couple of months ago I received a packet from Fly with a number of these small accordion booklets. I want to feature three of them because I think they hit the mark.  

For other work by Fly check out her wonderfulI "Peops" project which is an ongoing portrait project in which she draws a portrait of a friend and also writes about that person around the edges of their portrait, its powerful and sensitive stuff at the same time:  Fly Intro | PEOPs

Fly is an illustrator, comics artist, painter, teacher, writer, musician and, since 1985 a Lower East side squatter, activist and squat historian. In 2013 Fly was the recipient of an Acker Award for "Excellence within the Avant-Garde," for her PEOPs project.

Each booklet: 4 pages double-sided, individual pages 4" (h) x 2.75" (w), when fully open 10.5".

My City, My Home, nd

Monarch Metamorphosis, 2019

Bad Hair Days, 2016

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