Thursday, September 17, 2020

Natalya Balnova, Principles of Jelly Making, 2013, ed. 30 and Beasty Heads, 2018, ed. 3

Principles of Jelly Making, 2013, ed. 30: 12 pages, double-sided, single page 5.5"(h) x 5"(w), and when fully open 2ft 6".

Two really gorgeous silk-screened accordions by this Russian born designer and illustrator, who studied in St. Petersburg and is presently working in publishing in New York. In a 2015 interview, when asked about her involvement with designing books and book covers, she responded "...working in book publishing was my dream work. I always wanted to work with books or poster design or create design products that connect to the music industry or theaters." 

Balnova continues making her own bookworks, and these two outstanding examples display her design and illustration skills to full effect. Their's a lightness, and a freshness to the work, as well as a latent humor that sits just below the surface of these two accordion books. 



back cover


Beasty Heads, 2018, ed. 3: 8 pages, one-sided, single page 5.5"(h) x 4.5"(w), when fully open 3ft.

back cover

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