Friday, September 18, 2020

Billy Ocallaghan, Lucky, improper printing, 2017, ed. open

A fascinating accordion by this Irish writer that traces how far back you have to go in your family history to be connected to 1 million people — the answer is 20 generations. This accordion gives physical form to the answer to that question.  

About his work O'Callaghan states:

as a project-based artist, i investigate critical issues of our time (that interest me - e.g., extinction, queer and sexual politics, our debt to plants), prepare visual reports with my findings, and self-publish these in a variety of formats. using a number of related strategies for engagement (craft, informality, fun, humor, play, insight, and beauty), i hope to draw myself and others into deeper thinking around the subjects i'm investigating...

For another of O'Callaghan's 'visual reports' on this blog see:

Single-sided, 44 pages, individual page 3.75" (h) x 2.25" (w), when fully opened 8ft 7.5"

back cover

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