Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Albert Merz, Tensio interna, Voix Editions, France, 1987, ed. 180

A funky, scratchy and slightly unsettling drawing that kind of insolantly sprawls across the pages of Merz's accordion. Born in Switzerland in 1942, he moved to Berlin in 1980 where he now lives and works. About his work he says:

Man is a mystery, and has his secrets. He is abysmal, vulnerable, yearning and in need of love, constantly searching for the meaning of life. In my work I try to find signs for all of this.

This publication comes from Richard Meier's Voix editions which is a well known publishing house. Merz's book is just one in a series of over 19 accordions that Meier published which featured artists' drawings — my hat's off to him for this singular accomplishment and this support in furthering the cause of artists' accordion publications.

8 pages, single-sided, individual page 11" (h) x 8.25" (w), and when fully open 5ft 6".

back cover

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