Thursday, August 20, 2020

Clotilde Perrin, At the same moment on earth (Au même instant, sur la Terre...), Rue du Monde, France, 2011

A really beautiful, and a quite large accordion that journey's across the globe dropping into 24 different cultures to peek at what the children in all these places would be doing at the same moment across the world. The illustrations by Perrin are superb making it easy for kids to empathize with these fellow children across the globe, and to spark their curiosity about these faraway destinations. Perrin has also quite subtly drawn the backgrounds to all these different places in such a way that they all join up and form an almost seamless backdrop to her story.

24 pages, on stiff cardboard, single-sided, individual pages 13" (H) x 6.25" (W), when fully opened 12ft 6".

accordion slipcase and the work

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