Sunday, November 3, 2019

Miriam Schapiro (1923-2015), Rondo, Bedford Arts, San Francisco, 1989, ed. 80

An interesting, and in my opinion a rather uneven accordion book from this ground-breaking feminist artist who, together with Judy Chicago, founded the first feminist art program at the California Institute of Arts in 1971. The next year they would go on to co-direct Womanhouse, an early and very important installation of work by 28 women artists.

Of this book Schapiro writes in the colophon:  

For RONDO I created a series of dancers who move in a nospace on a nostage against a painted background or backdrop. When the accordion-pleated book is opened to its full extent, all the dancers move out on the first twelve panels. On the return side, I collaged images on a flat plane. Imaginary bouquets, hearts that throb, masks, fans and kimonos are still—not in motion—as if the dancers on the front had caught themselves concentrating on one thought, one image.

14 pages, double-sided, individual pages 12" (h) x 9" (w), when fully open 10 feet 6 inches.

Endnote: for such a beautifully printed accordion as this one, and printed in such a small edition with work by this well known artist, it's rather surprising (if not a bit depressing) to find copies of it for sale on amazon at $5.98!



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