Thursday, October 31, 2019

Visionaire, #6, "The Sea," Summer, 1992

Visionaire magazine is one of the activities of the company Visionaire, which describes itself as having been "...established in 1991 with its roots in limited edition publishing which has since expanded into an experiential agency. Visionaire has been collaborating with artists, influencers, and Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years; conceptualizing and producing public art installations, film, immersive and interactive experiences, branded content, and art multiples through the lens of art, fashion, and contemporary culture."

This accordion edition of the periodical is symbolic of the editor's experimentation with format and presentation, with previous issues assembled in folios, boxes and the latest edition's poster issue (#68) available for $1000 as a print edition, or free as a pdf available here: 

Visionaire is a topnotch art magazine that's not been afraid to question our ideas about the periodical — what it is, what it could be, and what it was, and in the process they've created a fascinating series of printed matter works that explore this rich vein. Visionaire is a thoughtful high end product with a lineage that extends to the artists' periodicals Aspen and SMS, with Fluxus floating somewhere in the background. The editors are Cecilia Dean, James Kaliardo and Stephen Gan.

12 double-sided pages, each one 11" (h) x 8 1/2" (w), and when opened 10 feet long.

 Frontispiece page of the issue with contributors and editors names...

back of periodical

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