Sunday, May 12, 2019

Peter + Maria Hoey, The Loud Atlas, coinop books, 2017, ed. 50

A fun and lively silkscreened book in which the artists have used "...the typographic style of Marinetti and the rhyming cadence of Dr. Seuss, The Loud Atlas takes a surreal and funny look at the noisy world imagined by the Italian Futurists."

The Loud Atlas is one in a series of 4 accordion books published by coinop books over years. The others are: "The French Drop," (2015), "Blue Moon Flower Blue," (2016) and "American Noir," (2019). Each book has it's own theme, and all of them illustrate an interesting play with the graphic design and the accordion layout of each issue.

The Loud Atlas pages: height 7.5", and width 5.5", 12 pages, and when opened this accordion is 3ft 8inches long. 

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