Thursday, May 16, 2019

Athena Tacha, My Night Sagas, Washington, D.C., 2014

A fascinating accordion by this accomplished multi-media artist who was one of the pioneers of environmental site-specific sculpture, with over 40 public art commissions completed across the USA.

This accordion is one in a series of over 26 "pocket booklets" that she started in 1972, in which she records the intimate details of her life and experiences. This particular one lays out in detail her difficulties sleeping, and the varied ways in which she has dealt with this problem. It's actually really interesting reading, and I'm sure we can all relate to particular aspects of her 'night sagas'!

Below is a list of the other accordions in this series from 1972-2015:

Different Notions of Cleanliness, 1972 The Way My Mind Works, 1972–3My Mother: A Psychological Portrait, 1973 The Process of Aging (Fragment of an on-going thorough self-analysis and description to be completed by the end of my life), 1974 Tragic Cats, 1974–5 My Adolescent Loves, 1974–6 Little Pleasures, 1978–80 My Fears, 1979–80Little Habits, 1980 Reaching Fifty: The Process of Aging, II, 1986–87Identity (Dissection of a Specimen), 1990–1 Vulnerability, 1981–93 Love, 1983–93 Turning Sixty-Five: The Process of Aging, III, 2001 My Childhood Garden (Visual Memory Excavation #1), 2001 My Childhood Home (Visual Memory Excavation #2), 2001 My Youthful Photo-Album (Visual Memory Excavation #3), 2001 Different Notions of Thriftiness, 1978–2005 Different Notions of Time, 1979–2005 Different Realities, 1982–2005 Life’s Layering, 2005 Threescore Years and Ten: The Process of Aging IV (2002–06), 2012 Seventy-Five and Counting: The Process of Aging V 2007–11 (1st Half), 2012 Seventy-Five and Counting: The Process of Aging V 2007–11 (2nd Half), 2012 My Night Sagas, 2014 Battlefronts at Eighty (The Process of Aging VI), 2015

8 pages double-sided, each 5.5"(h) by 2.75"(w) and when opened 1ft 10".

Back of the accordion

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