Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sandra Haar, snapshots, Printer's Ink, Toronto, Canada, 1996, ed. 200

Finally, an erotic accordion! Coming enclosed in a light blue ribbon which sets the reader up to 'undress' the book before they can even look inside. Enclosed are 8 erotic line drawings depicting the artist in a variety of poses as she masturbates. On the border of 8 pages are two stories describing erotic encounters in which power is used as an aphrodisiac. These stories are accompanied by black & white photographs of the artist in a variety of poses as she plays with her genitals. 

Sandra Haar has made issues of sexuality and representation a continuing theme in her works and career, and this book is no exception. There's a strange intimacy in reading and witnessing someone make themselves so vulnerable and in speaking so openly about such deep desires. I think this is a brave accordion book.

16 pages, one-sided, each page 5"x7", and opened 6' 8".

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