Wednesday, March 28, 2018

R. Clarke-Davis, um livro devaneio: faltando, kiddy viddy press, 2012-13

I've been having a hard time getting a good translation of the Portuguese title for this book, but it comes out variously as "a book of dreams: missing," either way this book appears to be a personal and diarist record of a trip taken to Niteroi, which is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The photos mix the personal with the public and they are spread across the accordion in a free-flowing manner, reminiscent of a family album.  

R. Clarke-Davis is an associate professor of photography at the school of the art institute in Chicago and I have received a number of photo-books from him, but its rare that the format has been an accordion. The cover of this book has a handsome textured cover and I like the anonymity it presents to the viewer, but the viewer's work has only just begun as you thread your way through these assorted photographs that quietly reveal both public and private moments.

For another of his works on this site please see:
14 pages, single-sided, 6" (h) x 4.5" (w) and fully open at 5ft 3".

The above image was taken from Clarke-Davis' website: 
r.clarke-davis's home page

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