Thursday, September 28, 2017

Anna Plestilova, Ukolebavka pro male pavy (Lullaby for Little Peacocks), Prague, Czech Republic, 2014

A subtle series of drawings and texts make up this rather delicate one-sided accordion that takes as its main theme the 'eyes' in peacock's feathers with the final image of a closed eye 'closing' the book as it were. According to the artist each page of verse is a different take on peacock's eyes and she notes that she chose the accordion format as " is possible to open it as a hand fan," in a similar manner as to how the peacock displays its feathers in a fan shape.

For more information about the activities of this Prague-based artist: Nakladatelstv√≠ | Bylo nebylo

13 pages, single pages 7.5" (h) x 3.5 (w), fully extended 3ft 9.5". 

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