Saturday, September 23, 2017

8 Accordions, Loop & Umprum, Summer, 2017

I was in Prague for a week this summer and spent the whole time chasing down cool art places, bookstores and galleries, and with Prague's printmaking history in mind, I was also looking for accordion publications. It was during one of my last days in Prague that I stumbled into the gallery and funky bookstore Galerie Xaoxax (see photos of space below). Pleased to find such a cool place I started exploring this storefront store. Soon enough I noticed a whole table of accordions just sitting there, i couldn't believe my luck! From this great selection I'm presenting 8 of them here.  Talking with the woman in the gallery she said that they had been done for a class with a professor at the University and then taken to the Tabook, the yearly arts & literature festival in Tabor, Czech Republic, presumably for sale. They are all the same size and same paper but they are a smart set of accordions ranging allover the place in content and style, but neverthless a very exciting series of artists' books exploring the accordion format. Xaoxax's website doesn't seem to be up but they have a facebook presence.

Screen print, each page 5.5" (h) x 7" (w), double-sided, when open they are 28" (2ft 4") wide. 

The table of accordions, i was in bliss!

Tsai Hsin-Ying

 Zuzana Sagitariova


Katefina Kozakova

Jakub Bachorik

David Dolensky

Sofie Tobiasova

Nikola Logosova

Zuzana Bramborova

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