Saturday, October 29, 2016

Beatrice Coron, Prayers for the Unfaithful, New York, 1997 [open edition]

A humorous and smart publication that serves as "a talisman for the non superstitious. Just hang it and you will be protected effectively." This delicate book comprises the traditional accordion, but threaded down the center is another type of accordion called a 'clamshell' accordion. Divided into four sections corresponding to the silhouetted figures, each part comprises a prayer for the non superstitious with the themes of: Health Goddess (protects against the flu and bad breath), Love (let us always remember names and birthdays), Wall Street (may we never endure data loss), and finally, Jetset Lady (help us to travel in style and within budget...). 

The little medallion at the bottom that helps to hold the book open when hung, has two cryptic letter-type markings on either side but when you superimpose the two parts it read "shit happens."

Beatrice Coron was born and raised in France. She has lived in Taiwan, Mexico & Egypt and has been living & working in New York since 1984 [BĂ©atrice Coron]. A big shout out to Bert who kindly gave me this accordion. 

8 pages, individual pages 1.25" x 2.75," when opened it's 1ft 10inches.

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