Monday, September 21, 2015

Leo Quivereu and Judex, Cocaine14, Le Dernier Cri, France, 2014. [edition 200]

Another totally wonderful & crazy publication from Le Dernier Cri. The book comes accompanied by a simple publication featuring the drawings of Virginie Loze, which is not particularly interesting and anyway pales in comparison with the energy of Cocaine14, which was created in collaboration with the two artists Leo Quiveruex and Judex. The way the book is structured as a series of interwoven accordions creates havoc with book form and really engages the reader in exploring its many interlocking & unfolding sections — it's a really fun 'read.' Individual pages 6" x 8.25", with 39 double-sided pages.

A spread from the booklet by Virginie Loze.

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