Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Leo Quievreux, De la Paille sur la Ligne Bleue (The Straw on the Blue Line), Collection Sandwich #5, Le Dernier Cri, France, 1997. [edition 150]

Another great accordion from the Le Dernier Cri's 'Collection Sandwich' series that I was lucky enough to find this summer. I'm unsure how many there are in the collection (10?) but it seems to have started in 1995 and continued throughout the decade. This cool series is marked by editions designed by either an individual artist or a collaboration between two artists. The square format, the black boards of the covers and the silk screened insides reflect a real concern with quality and presentation. This one by Leo Quievreux is no exception and, although my French is not really up to translating the texts contained in here, you can clearly see that there's some kind of surreal landscape in which a crew of barely human creatures are fighting it out.  Size 5" x 5" with 7 double-sided pages, total length 45".

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