Friday, January 9, 2015

Patrick Lombe, Placenta Popeye, Marseille: Le Dernier Cri, 2007 [200 copies, with CD]

Another wild double-sided accordion from the French publishing house Le Dernier Cri. Patrick Lombe is a Marseille based artist and musician. This 5 color silk screened book is comprised of 3 accordions of varying sizes. There's a CD that comes with this book but I was unable to get it to play as it had paint and various glues all over it! However, from an internet search Lombe's music sounds like its totally experimental and probably would be classified as 'musique concrete', that is composed of experimental sounds and put through various different electronic boxes.

Two of the larger accordions are 10 pages, with each page 8.25" (h) and 6" (w) and extended a total length of 30". 

Front cover (right) and back cover (left)

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