Friday, June 27, 2014

David Horvitz, The Distance of a Day, Berlin: Motto Books and Chert, 2013

An accordion postcard booklet made to accompany a work of Horvitz's that was in Art Basel, 2013. On the reverse is an interview with Horvitz by David Senior. This publication and the piece is premised upon the artist's discovery that "in early February, the California sunset coincides with the Maldives sunrise...." Horvitz engaged his mother in this work that was based upon him wanting " both to watch the sun going either under or over the horizon." Horvitz moved to Maldives to realize the piece and his mother lives by the beach in California. 18 pages 6.5" x 4.25" (h), extended 3' 2.25"

Horvitz is an interesting Brooklyn-based conceptual artist and right now he's seeking participants for his latest project: 

For $1 USD I will think about you for one minute. I will email you the time I start thinking, and the time I stop.

To participate: Untitled Document

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