Friday, May 6, 2011

Robert Morris, Continuous Project Altered Daily, Multiples Inc., New York, NY, 1970

Robert Morris' contribution to "Artists & Photographs" a boxed edition of artists' multiples, published by Multiples Inc., in association with Colorcraft Inc., New York, NY, in 1970. The 16 photographs in this accordion document an assortment of different elements (earth, plastic, wood etc...) that comprised the original installation, which was changed each day throughout the duration of the work.  12" (W) 72" (L) 

For further details about this artists' boxed edition (ed. 1200) the link below takes you to Public Collectors, an incredible resource for artists projects, collections, and other weird stuff, as well as a detailed listing of the contents of this box. Also at this link is a fascinating hour-long discussion about this publication and its contents by the renowned collector/dealer of artists multiples/publications: Steven Leiber (1957-2012): Boxed Artist's Editions: Collection of stevenleiberbasement, San Francisco, California

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