Thursday, October 13, 2022

Rohima Chitrakar and V. Geetha, A Village is a Busy Place!, Tara Books, India, 2019

Another beautiful folded scroll in the Bengal Patua painting style from the folks at Tara Books. From an elevated vantage point the viewer can survey the Santha people, who reside in the states of West Bengal and Jharkhand, as they go about daily life in the village. On the back of each fold are short texts that draw our attention to the variety of activities taking place and encouraging us to look closer at what's being depicted in the scroll. The themes for these inquiries are: A Village Feast, A Day in the Village, Common Space, In the Evening, Work and Summertime. As you open up the book it becomes an unfolding journey through all that is taking place in this aerial view of village life, wonderfully rendered in the inimitable Patua style by V. Geetha.

8 pages double-sided, each page 8" x 14.25" and when fully opened 5ft 4"



back cover

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