Friday, October 29, 2021

Franz Dasbourg, Melusina, Redfoxpress, Ireland, 2020, ed. 70

Another smart screen-printed accordion from Redfoxpress. This work by the artist, sculptor and painter who is based in Luxembourg, revolves around the European folkloric figure of Melusina, who was a female spirit of fresh water or water nymph, who is usually depicted as a serpent, fish or mermaid. 

There are many tales attached to her and the following one is related to a statue of her near Alzette in Luxembourg, and it relates to her insistence to her various husbands that she needed one day a week for absolute privacy and she made them swear to honor this request. Of course they were unable to keep this promise and one husband "could not resist temptation, and on one of the forbidden days he spied on her in her bath and discovered her to be a mermaid. When he let out a surprised cry, Melusina caught sight of him, and her bath immediately sank into the solid rock, carrying here with it. Melusina surfaces briefly every seven years as a beautiful woman or as a serpent, holding a small golden key in her mouth. Whoever takes the key from her will set her free and may claim her as his bride." In 1997 Luxembourg issued a stamp commemorating her. [wikipedia]

8 double-sided pages, individual pages 6.25" x 4", and when opened up 2' 8".

front side


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