Saturday, May 25, 2019

Fritz Haeg, The Sundown Salon Unfolding Archive, Evil Twin Publishing: Livingston Manor, NY, 2009, ed. 500

In the year 2000, Fritz Haeg acquired a geodesic dome on a hill in Los Angeles and wanted to share this unique property with others. In spring 2001 he sent out an email to everyone he knew describing the house and announcing the beginning of Sunday Salons, which he anticipated serving as "a gathering place for the free exchange of ideas and art through events, happenings, gatherings, meetings, pageantry, performances, shows, stunts, and spectacles." The inaugural Sundown Salon took place on April 4th, 2001, with 100 people attending this first gathering. Between 2001 and 2006, 30 Sundown Salons took place and this very substantial accordion book is the record of what took place at these widely varying events, with a chapter devoted to each Salon. Photographs and visual documentation are presented on one side and texts & written materials about each Salon is on the reverse side. 

This is an incredible archival document of a really fascinating home-based project that took shape in many different and varied ways, and all of this activity is captured in this wonderful publication.

189 pages, 8.5"(h) by 8.5"(w), when opened its an incredible 133ft 10.5".

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