Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Carles Garcia O'Dowd aka G.O'D., Closer to Heaven: A visual opera, Stranedizioni, Italy, 2018, ed. 350

front cover

This accordion is a really wild ride! Taking the popular Mallorcan resort town of Magaluf as his subject, O'Dowd, a native Mallorcan himself, packs it with real and imagined scenarios of people having a seriously good time. All sorts of activities are taking place simultaneously, which this accordion both celebrates, and critiques at the same time. O'Dowd in his artist's statement reflects on this state of affairs and the effects of the global tourist industry when he writes, "In the long run, it's establishing itself as a contemporary form of colonialism; and places like Magaluf can be found everywhere around the globe. This drawing reflects on the reality that such economical models shape, using cartoon imagery from Carles G.O.D.'s fictional cosmogony: The Rise and Fall of Eden." But, in the meantime, everyone parties on!

7 double-sided pages, each 6.5" x 11.25", and when fully open 3' 9.5".

front and back covers

inside the cover with the artist's statement in four different languages

the artist's statement



back cover

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