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Richard Tuttle, I Thought I Was Going On A Trip But I Was Only Going Down Stairs, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, 1997, ed. 500

front cover

An exhibition with a great title accompanied by a cool catalogue printed on a diaphanous see-through paper. The catalogue contains two levels of imagery with assorted mass media & images of ladders along the top, and the bottom series comprises the 10 works in the exhibit accompanied by more information about each piece on the inside of the back cover. The other texts in this catalogue are two letters, one from the curator Loretta Yarlow to Tuttle, and the other from a rather hesistant Tuttle, "The idea of writing a personal response to a letter which I know is going to be published leaves me virtually unable to respond...words are not my chosen medium of communication and it is extremely hard for me to write."

Although this is an accordion, it's like a small number in which the front and end pages are glued to the support, in other words you cannot pull it out and fully extend it. The photos below illustrate this kind of restricted use of the accordion format.

10 single-side pages, individually 8" x 6".

Yarlow's letter on left and Tuttles on right

back cover

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