Monday, May 1, 2023

Cecilia Mandrile and Lina Meruane, Latitude, Bristol, UK, 2017

"Latitude is a collaborative artist book by artist Cecilia Mandrile and writer Lina Meruane published by Impact Press. This unique artist book is an accordian style folded object, with intimate, poetic text on one side and a series of photographic images on the other side. The book can be read like a traditional book or unfolded to stand as a printed art object. Latitude is a meditation on the parallel nature of two lives existing on the same plane as one another for a fleeting moment in time.

Cecilia Mandrile is an Argentinian artist focused on the rehearsal of aesthetics of displacement through print objects and installations. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at El Museo del Barrio in New York and the Victoria & ALbert Museum in London.

Lina Meruane is a Chilean writer, whose fiction work includes the short story collection Las Infantas and the novel Cercada. She has received writing grants from the Guggenheim Foundation and awards from Anna Seghers (Berlin)." [text from Printed Matter listing]

Regarding the 'latitude' of the title, Meruane's text speaks of a meeting of the artist and the writer with her noting: "We were born around the same year (you one earlier than me), around the same parallel of latitude, the Andes slicing through it. We've ended up living on the same street, almost on the same floor (me one higher than you). Mountains of brick between us under the same clouds as they waft from my latitude [40.855368] to yours [40.854869]."

8 double-sided pages, single page 5.75" (variable) x 4", when unfolded 2ft 8inches.

reverse side

back cover


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