Monday, March 6, 2023

Diane Borsato, Cloud Collection, Owens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University, Sackville, Canada, 2021

One category of accordions is the exhibition catalogue as they serve as an economical introduction to the artist(s) and the work on display, and for the most part they play a purely informative function. But sometimes they move beyond this utilitarian function and become objects of beauty in themselves, and this catalogue for an exhibition conceived by Diane Borsato does just that. Kudos should also go to JP King, the designer, for creating this wonderful design that seems so in sync with Borsato's cloud project.

The exhibition was comprised of works selected by Borsato from the permanent collection of the Owens Art Gallery that for her all related to clouds in different types of ways. In this catalogue Borsato combines reproductions of the works and accompanies each of them with short texts that illustrate the nature and topography of clouds. These texts and images all work beautifully together and this accordion left me with a renewed respect for these most elusive of nature's artifacts.

8 pages double-side, individual page 10" x 7.75", and when fully opened 6ft 2".

reverse side

back cover

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