Friday, October 7, 2022

Magali Attiogbé, Magreb (2021), Africa (2017) & Latin America (2019), Editions Amaterra, Lyon, France

Three very cool books for young audiences with all of them illustrated by Attiogbé's exquisite works. The combination of the size of the books, the heavier board book pages coupled with the beautiful artwork, and the smart choices of objects to illustrate from each cultures' histories, all wrapped up within a lean design, lifts these books into a unique and rarified aesthetic space all their own.

Attiogbé was born in Togo to a Togolese father and a French mother. At the age of three she moved to France and would later develop an interest in drawing at school that would eventually lead her to obtaining a DMA in illustration in 2002. Magali writes that "alongside my job as an illustrator, I practice sewing and singing, sometimes even both at the same time." For more of her works follow this link: Magali Attiogbé - IllustratorMagali Attiogbé | Illustrator

15 double-sided pages, each page 6.25" x 4.75", and when fully opened 5' 11.25"




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