Friday, November 5, 2021

Richard O. Tyler, The Planets, 2020; Folk Tales, The Seven Deadly Sins, 2020; The Disguises of Death, 2020, Uranian Phalanstery and Press, New York

Insert about these reprints of Richard O. Tyler's (1926-1983) 
woodcut portfolios created between 1955-1958.


"The Uranian Phalanstery and the First New York Gnostic Lyceum Temple were established on the vernal equinox of 1959 by Tyler (alias Rev. Relytor, Dr. Uranian) and his wife Dorothea Baer (1926-2012) (alias Mm. Reab). The group moved into their 'lodge' at 328 East 4th Street, New York, into two side-by-side brownstones which housed the Lyceum and Rectory. The Phalanstry acted as a nexus for a range of gatherings and activities, a collective meeting place for a cast of artist-disciples to meditate collectively and create art. With Tyler as its de facto ambassador and minister, the group pushed for a communally-minded investigation into creative enlightenment and self-transcendence, melding a patchwork spiritualism with an avant garde practice of a "self-documented life" through which gnosticism and everyday experience were folded into an encompassing artwork." [ › programs › events]

These three works are contemporary accordion reproductions of Tyler's woodcuts prints that were created between 1995-58, and display his commitment to following the "Practice of the Eightfold Way on the Path," and exerciser "Creativity in Practice of the Path," executing a "self-documented life work on the way." [wikipedia]

This brief synopsis does not really do justice to the richer history of these publications/prints and to the activities of the Uranian Phalanstery and Press, but the above brief quote from a 2017 exhibition at Printed Matter provides a much richer history of this early artist collective and their myriad activities & philosophies, and to Richard O. Tyler himself.

Details for each accordion are below:

The Planets, 10 double-sided pages, individual pages 5.75" x 4", when open 3' 4".
Folk Tales: The Seven Deadly Sins, 7 double-sided pages, individual pages 
    5.75" x 4", when open 2' 4".
The Disguises of Death10 double-sided pages, individual pages 5.75" x 4", 
    when open 3' 4".

back cover



back cover


back cover

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