Wednesday, March 10, 2021

John Held Jr., who wonders what it's all about, self-published, San Francisco, 2017

slip cover

This is a really fun accordion that arrived in the mail the other week from my friend John Held Jr, a natural born bon vivant who makes his home in San Francisco, and who often wonders what it's all about. John is a historian and longtime promoter & practitioner of mail art, and the rubber stamps in this accordion all come from his practice of using alternative image making media, and in this case it's his career long use of rubber stamps. 

I like to think that John found this Japanese-style accordion in San Francisco's Japantown, thus squaring the circle with that culture's long use of the accordion format.

14 pgs double-sided, with slip cover, individual pages 7" x 7.75", and when fully opened 10ft 4". 


back cover