Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Yan Wai Yin (Winnie), So Good, So Guam, Dotdotdot Studio, Hong Kong, China, 2019, ed. 50

This is just a totally cool accordion, and in the statement below Yin explains how the book came about.

So Good, So Guam is a very long sketch that condenses a 11-day family trip to Guam in 2018. My family went there for my elder brother's wedding ceremony. During the trip, I was constantly stuck in the backseat. I sketched continuously what I've seen and places we went, sometimes the repeated elements are edited out. Spaces and surroundings are also oft distorted or twisted in order to build up the continuity. I didn't draw anything during the ceremony though.

Yin's sparse and sophisticated drawing style, coupled with a sharp eye for detail, perfectly complements the unusual dimensions of this accordion and in the process she creates a wonderful panoramic drawing that stretches unbroken throughout the length of the accordion.  The small size, and the intimacy required when looking at it only enhances its charm.

42 pages single-sided, individual pages 2.25" (h) x 5" (w), when fully open 17ft 6". 

The book has a wraparound cover

The 'introduction' to the book

back page of the accordion

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