Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sol LeWitt, Lignes en Quatre Directions et Toutes Leurs Combinaisons (Lines in Four Directions and All Their Combinations), Museé D'Art Contemporain CAPC Entrepôt Laine Bordeaux, France, 1983

A cool catalogue for this installation/exhibition of a work by LeWitt (1928-2007). An early conceptual and minimalist artist who reduced his palette to some very basic shapes — spheres, quadrilaterals and triangles, and a similarly limited color palette of red, yellow, blue and black. With respect to how he got to this point in reducing art to its essentials, he said he wanted "to recreate art, to start from square one."

The title of this catalogue, and of this exhibition are typical of the titles he gave his works, and in this instance its "Lines in Four Directions and All Their Combinations."  Taking this as the conceptual framework for the piece LeWitt proceeded to explore all the many combinations possible within this recipe.  This catalogue, which includes the results of these instructions and photographs of helpers installing the works, gives a clear and fascinating introduction to the work of this important late 20th century minimalist artist.

36 pages, double-sided, individual page 8.5" (h) x 8.75" (w) and when fully opened 13ft 1.5".

note: this article was informed by Michael Kimmelamn's obituary of LeWitt titled "Sol LeWitt, Master of Conceptualism, Dies at 78," New York Times, April 9, 2007



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