Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Gloria Glitzer (Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grunke), Cosy Complex, offset, first edition, 2019, ed. 220.

Two mini-accordions, held together with an expandable ribbon, make up the Cosy Complex package. Both books combine images of hands playing with silly putty coupled with single words, and on the reverse short texts on colored backgrounds. Frankly, these books are a bit of a mystery to me in terms of what they are about, and the issues they are addressing, and I'm just left enjoying their rather sensuous and enticing imagery and texts, as well as the feel of them in my hands (I wonder if their UV varnish helped that!). The artists write about Cosy Complex stating:

Cosy Complex is a call to be more self-conscious but also asks about the others. What's their work worth and how does it relate to me. Cosy Complex is also dedicated to Jam Rostron and a thank-you for zir great music.

At their website ( the artists describe Gloria Glitzer as an artist' group, a publisher, an avatar of the artists Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grunke, both from Germany. Founded in 2007, Gloria Glitzer develops, creates and publishes artzines and artist' books and understands publishing as an artistic practice. In the following text they describe their approach to books:

Books are alternate space, under aesthetic and social aspects. With self-publishing as we understand it we are able to undermine the presets of exhibiting and collecting structure and their dependencies and to bypass the gatekeeping of the art market. And because our books are alternate spaces we can define our very own values and social communities in it. In our books we test concepts and ideas without waiting for permission or invitation. We understand our publications as a form of taking responsibility of our ideas and their circulation.

Both books are made up of 7 double-sided pages, individual pages are 4 3/4" (h) x 3 1/4" (w), and when fully opened the books are 30" wide.
This image from the artists' website

back cover

back cover

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