Thursday, July 26, 2018

Catherina Campillay, Ojetos Descontinuados (Discontinued Objects), Amistad, Santiago, Chile, 2017, ed. 32

A fun little text-based accordion that taxes my Spanish translations skills with the tone of the book clear from the first discontinued object being "we run out of the clock batteries they no longer sell."

This book was published by Amistad "...which is a collaborative and feminist micropress from Chile, that wants to do great things with small formats. We publish zines about writing, photography, art and drawing, experimenting with different materials and production processes. We seek to generate friendly encounters to collaborate, experiment and discuss. Each publication is the result of affective interactions between authors and collaborators working within different disciplines." Find them here: 

11 pages, single-sided, 1"x2.5", when open 12.5"

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