Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pictures of scenic spots in Tokyo, n/d

The title on the book's outer covering is "Pictures of scenic spots in Tokyo." 

Inside on the the cover of the accordion is "Eighteen favorite Kabuki pieces." The book is made up of 18 small screen printed images of Kabuki actors all representing roles in a famous set of 18 of the best kabuki plays (Kabuki Juhachiban). 

Turning to the back of the accordion a whole new story is revealed. From the dedication on the inside page of the book we can see that Nancy Frank, a bay area artist and organizer gifted this book to John Held Jr., in 2014. In 2015, John Held in turn dedicated it to me knowing of my passion for accordion publications! But John has added a new twist to the accordion as he's stamped all the empty backs of the pages with rubber stamp images from his archive, creating a cool rubber stamp panorama. Individual pages 3" (h) x 1.75" (w). At 20 pages when this book is unfolded it's 2" 11".

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