Sunday, May 12, 2019

R. Clarke-Davis, Bayman-townie, BALTIMORE, Niteroi, Pouch Cove, Kiddy Viddy Press, 2018.

Every once in a while R. Clarke-Davis drops by and slips a new book into my mailbox. This most recent black and white photographic accordion is a sort of travelogue that takes place between Newfoundland, Baltimore and Niteroi (Brazil). Rich blacks and a free placement of the images across the pages, and the sense of all of this caught in the line of text at the end that reads..."a book of wander wandering." And I would say, yes, precisely!

Each page 6"(h) and 4.5"(w), with 16 pages and when opened up 6ft long. Two other of R. Clarke-Davis books are featured in this blog, with further information about this artist.

[this image taken from R. Clarke-Davis website:]

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